How to: Recharge your account

Summary:At this current date there are 2 methods of recharging your product with Jooblay. Each block of purchased time automatically charges your account for 30 days at a time. If you would like more then 1 block (30 days) simply add the time your would like to purchase in form of qty: 1 x 30

If your cart is pre generated by the Jooblay Avatar system you will see a note at the top of our user account stating you have an open or pending invoice. This invoice can be for work rendered and or any other product or service Jooblay offers.

To checkout simply visit

Once at checkout correct any details as you see fit and proceed to pay via through our secure gateway.

Trouble shooting:
Question: I was in the process of checking out and I lost track of time. When I returned to my computer paypal said my session has expired. What do I do?

Answer: Return to your account at and click on the tab "My Products" Once your on the my products page you can click add to cart. 
At which time you have selected all your products return to
Proceed through check out and paypal.

Question: When I returned to my products page my invoice what not available to select and I could not find the product I was going to purchase?

Answer: The Jooblay Avatars work off queues and time stamps based off what the user does on the site. In most cases if you have had a failed session at checkout and cannot find your order the system is in the process of resetting its self. Please allow 45min. for your avatar to reset any failed attemps at checkout.